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Current Promotions/Offers

Sales Promotion Terms and Conditions

GO Markets run promotional campaigns for our valued clients from time to time. Please see below our list of special promotions and the conditions that apply.

Basic Rules that Apply to all GO Markets UK Offers

In addition to the specific terms listed for each offer, these are the rules that apply to all offers, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

  • Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • All GO Markets offers are only available in accordance with applicable law.
  • GO Markets offers are not designed to alter or modify an individual's risk preference or encourage individuals to trade in a manner inconsistent with their own trading strategies.
  • Traders should ensure that they operate their trading account in a manner consistent with their trading comfort level
  • It is a GO Markets sole discretion to cease any of our promotional offers at any point in time
  • All offers below are not valid for traders who opened their account under an existing Introducing Broker, PAMM/MAMM, money manager or affiliate agreement.
  • New Accounts are subject to approval as per GO Markets' account opening procedure. Individuals who apply for an account must check their local laws and regulations before applying for an account with GO Markets
  • It is at GO Markets sole discretion to exclude you from any of the below offers if we believe you have instigated any fraudulent activities or your actions are to be found in violation of our terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of the specific offer
  • GO Markets reserves the right to decline any application or indication to participate in any promotion at its sole discretion, without the need to provide any justification or explain the reasons for such a decline.
  • GO Markets may at any time make changes to these terms and will notify you of these changes by posting the modified terms on GO Markets website. You are advised to revise these Terms regularly, and by your continued use of GO Markets website and services that you accept any such modified terms. GO Markets reserves the right to modify or cancel any offers at its sole discretion at any time.
  • All GO Markets promotions only apply to GO Markets Trader Accounts.

20% Deposit Bonus and $2 Rebate

Deposit any amount between $1,000 and $100,000 into a new or existing GO Trader Account, and we'll give you a 20% trading credit bonus. For every standard FX lot you trade, we'll convert $2 of your trading credit bonus into real equity on your account.


  • Traders must deposit at least $1,000 USD (or equivalent) into a new or existing GO Markets GO Trader Account to participate ("original deposit").
  • The trading credit is 20% of your original deposit and the credit is capped at a maximum of $20,000. This will be credited to your account within 24 working hours after the deposit is received by GO Markets. Internal transfers, balance adjustments, Introducer/Affiliate rebates or commissions of any kind will not be considered new funds.
  • Traders must opt-in to be part of this promotion by expressly confirming his or her decision by emailing supportuk@gomarkets.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • "1 standard FX lot" means a round-turn trade of 1 standard lot on currency pairs only.
  • Trading credit converted to cash at a rate of $2.00 USD per 1 standard FX lot on USD trading accounts. See the "Table 1.0 Credit to Cash Conversion" below for the conversion rate for base currencies other than USD.
  • "Real equity" can be withdrawn at any point in time.
  • Unconverted trading credit cannot be withdrawn as cash.
  • You may withdraw your original deposit at any time – however, if you opt to withdraw, your 20% trading credit will also be removed from your account accordingly. If part of your original deposit is withdrawn, your 20% bonus will be removed on a pro rata basis, therefore a partial trading credit removal will take place.
  • All active trading credit will be written off the account once equity on your account is less than or equal to the sum of all active trading credit.
  • Daily calculation of lots is made at 00:50 platform time GMT+3 and is calculated to end of day. The trading credit will convert as a cash deposit into the client's existing trading account automatically on a daily basis.
  • This promotion commences on April 20th, 2015. Any trading activity before this date will not qualify for this promotion unless specifically authorised by GO Markets. It is at GO Markets' sole discretion to decide if a client's previous activity will qualify for this promotion
  • To take part in this promotion, please emailsupportuk@gomarkets.com and copy the follwing text into your email.
  • "I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the Promotions terms and condition of the 20% deposit bonus and the $2 Rebate. I would like to take part in this promotion."

Table 1.0: Credit to Cash Conversion

Base Currency Amount Converted per Standard FX lot
EUR 1.60
GBP 1.30
JPY 160
SGD 2.50

Free VPS Package


  • Traders must setup a VPS account with 4X Solutions.
  • We will credit £14.97 in to your trading account.
  • Traders may cancel the VPS service at any time by contacting the relevant VPS providers.
  • Traders must trade a minimum of 10 standard FX lots round turn per month on your GO Markets Trader account to obtain the free service.
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • At the end of each month, GO Markets will refund the cost of the VPS service direct to the client's live trading account as long as the conditions have been met.